Digital Transformation
Service Offerings

CSEngineering is trusted by agencies and missions for their digital transformation needs. On top of open-source tooling, we offer services and products to meet mission-critical demands across services and use cases.

Discover our unique solutions: Cognition Lab, Cloud in a Box, Agile Paired Partnerships, and Blockchain-as-a-Service.

and DLT Solutions

Through our partnerships and experience, harness the expertise of world-class cryptographers, engineers, and developers to help your agency or mission develop customized blockchain solutions and tackle emerging regulatory, strategic, and operational risks.

Discover our Use Case Discovery, Smart Contracts, Off-Chain Oracles, and Asset Tokenization services.

Systems Engineering

Today, CSEngineering is helping agencies across the U.S. Government transform the way complex systems are engineered. In industries from aerospace to national security, agencies look to CSE for new ways to do more with less, to raise quality while lowering costs, and to help government and industry achieve mission success. And it’s working – a new era in systems engineering is beginning to take hold across the country.

From Weapons & Missiles, Aircraft Logistic, Hull, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, to Satellites and Ground Systems, we stand ready to support your Mission.

DevSecOps and Enterprise
Data Management

DevSecOps addresses two enterprise objectives. The first is establishing, maintaining, and enforcing a continuous loop of ever-evolving best practices for secure development and operations. The second: integrating security experts into the development process to better understand the steps being taken to safeguard applications and participate directly in tradeoff decisions.

In essence, DevSecOps forward deploys the security audit process — accelerating delivery by closing the loop between secure development and security validation.

Civil Engineering, MILCON,
and Real Property Support

CSEngineering provides engineering support for Facilities Sustainment Restoration & Modernization (FSRM), Unspecified Minor Military Construction (UMMC), and Military Construction (MILCON) Project Planning & Program Development to multiple US Air Force and US Coast Guard Installations. We define project requirements, develop parametric and unit price estimates, and develop project documentation. We also provide architectural and construction inspection services.

Find out how we deliver applications rapidly and in a secure manner, increasing the Warfighters’ competitive advantage.

Engineering Freedom
through Digital

Around the world, organizations are changing the way they operate in business, meet their missions, and address emerging threats. As technology solutions converge and connect in new ways, there are advanced opportunities to better serve and protect citizens and national interests. But with these opportunities come technical challenges. Enterprise systems must be able to quickly and easily adapt to new threats, while making sense of data pouring in from around the world. We can help.